We understand that employment situations can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful.  You may call on us to advise you on your grievance at work, negotiate the terms of your departure from your employer, review the terms of your new employment contract or represent you in your Employment Tribunal claim.

Whatever you need us for we will be in your corner, advise you honestly on the best achievable outcome and support you through the process professionally.  Leave it to us.

How we can help you

We have over 20 years experience in employment law, providing independent employment advice and representing individuals in all sorts of roles and across all sectors including: employees, consultants, senior executives and contractors in retail, hospitality, social housing, banking, manufacturing and education.

Our services for individuals include:

  • Advising on work related COVID-19 (Coronavirus) matters including working safely, absence from work, entitlement to leave and pay, redundancy
  • Reviewing employment contracts and service agreements at the start of and during employment
  • Reviewing consultancy agreements
  • Advising on new or existing restrictions and confidentiality provisions and enforceability
  • Advice on bonus schemes, preparation and validity
  • Guidance on disciplinary and capability processes
  • Advice on dismissals including redundancy, dismissal due to ill health and dismissal for gross misconduct
  • Advice on restructures within the workplace, collective consultations and TUPE
  • Advice on allegations of discrimination, victimisation and harassment
  • Whistleblowing advice
  • Settlement negotiations, including advice on protected conversations and settlement agreements
  • Employment Tribunal Advice and Representation

For further information on how we can help with your employment Tribunal Claim against your employer and fees, find out more here: Employment Tribunal Representation.


Who we have helped

  • We have advised a whistleblower on their exit from their public sector employer, provoking a favourable settlement under a settlement agreement.
  • A senior manager in the manufacturing industry with serious grievances based on age and sex discrimination and involving the senior team.  We supported and advised the employee through the grievance process and on their Employment Tribunal rights so that they gained control of the situation.
  • Advising an employee in the media who was on long term sick.  With our help, they were able to have a constructive conversation with their employer and move forwards.
  • Advising a supermarket worker with 10 years loyal service on their grievances against their store manager, which had resulted in the worker being absent from work with stress and on the verge of resigning.  With our input, HR intervened and dealt with the worker’s grievances, the store manager was moved and the worker was able to return to work.
  •  Supporting a number of senior executives on exit from high profile private and public sector organisations where health and performance issues were factors, negotiating preferable terms.
  • A female senior executive with long service facing imminent redundancy due to the pandemic, yet questioned the genuineness of her ‘redundancy’ and felt discriminated against because of her age. With our advice and support, the employee tabled her concerns and achieved an amicable and generous exit from her employer, within a manageable timeframe.
  • A care home manager with a clinically vulnerable child threatened with disciplinary action, during lockdown, if they did not attend work on site. We helped the employee with a response to the employer, resulting in an amicable solution that allowed the employee to work from home without being penalised.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have over 20 years experience in employment law: Our experience enables us to advise individuals in all roles and sectors, across the full spectrum of employment advice.
  • We are sensible, efficient and focused on securing the right outcome for our individuals: Our experience enables us to identify key issues quickly from an early stage and to map out a plan that delivers, working closely with our clients.
  • We provide a genuinely personal and committed service.  We understand and do our best to accommodate your needs. We are available to our clients day and night, 7 days a week.
  • As a small specialist employment law firm with low overheads we are able to offer our clients competitive rates.

“The personal service provided by Sarah at Forster Dowling guided me through difficult negotiations with my employer expertly and with concise, thoughtful advice. Sarah’s willingness to be available when I needed her was hugely beneficial and massively reassuring. Thank you Sarah for helping me get the deal I needed.”

Senior Manager, Professional Services

“Sarah advised me during my discussions with my employer regarding my exit from the business.  These situations are always stressful and biased in favour of the employer. Sarah gave me the confidence and the understanding that allowed me to fight my corner from a position of strength, vigorously and successfully. She has a great ability to remove one’s self doubt, which is crucial in such situations.  Moreover she does it with humour, pragmatism and compassion.” 

Finance Director

“If you are dealing with any kind of employment dispute then you need Sarah in your corner. She recently helped me navigate the choppy waters of redundancy after my employer put me at risk.

It would have been very easy to follow my employers’ instructions, go it alone and do as I was told by them. Actually, you don’t always need to do that, you don’t have to follow their timeline and dance to their tune. You can take control of the situation and Sarah’s advice, expertise and sense of humour gave me the confidence to do just that.

With Sarah on side I was able to challenge my employer and successfully negotiate a better exit package than I was expecting.

Sarah gives you more than just legal advice – she is also a listener, cheerleader and friend throughout the process.”


“It was a pleasure having Sarah as my solicitor through what was a difficult time for me.

It was not just her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area, but the way she applied it to the specifics of the situation we were in. She understood me as a client and what I would be happy to pursue. She nudged my in the right directions at the right times, never forgetting what had gone before in our discussions and what she believed could be achieved.

Knowing the law doesn’t make a great lawyer, but having the intelligence and insight that Sarah has, does make her a great lawyer!”

Senior Executive